Client Information

• Name of Introducing Broker :
• Type of Entity: Legal Entity Individual
• Nature of Business:
• Country of Incorporation / Residence:
• Date of Incorporation (if Corporation):
• Company Registration Number (if Corporation):

Main Business Address

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Banking Details

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I / We, the undersigned hereby declare that the information given is true to the best of my/our knowledge and that false declarations will result in the loss of my/our right to hold EVE responsible for any failure to comply with its obligations under the European Communities (markets in Financial instruments) Regulations 2007, (as amended) (MiFID Regulations), concerning the assessment of appropriateness of services and products.
I / We certify that the signature(s) is genuine and I / We, the contracting party am (are) obliged to inform EVE immediately of any material changes to the information provided.

DOWNLOAD EVE Terms of Business HERE    I / We accept EVE's Terms of Business .
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Once completed, print & sign this application form before returning it to the address below

Required Documentation

Where an original is not produced, a certified copy must be provided by either a Lawyer, Bank, Company Secretary or a member of Notary Public
Please make sure the person certifying the documentation provides clear contact details:
Name, address, telephone number, email, date and signature.


Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Association
List of Directors
Identity and address verification of a minimum of two directors (if only one then one will do)
List of acceptable documentation listed below.
Evidence of Authorised Signatories
Board Resolution authorising the account opening and subsequent trading with EVE.
For your convenience we have provided wording in the application form above which can be signed by the Authorised Signatories. We will be happy to accept your own wording and resolution subject to approval by EVE.
Original or certified copy of the company share register.
For beneficial owners with 25% or more holding in the company one identity and one address verification.
(list of acceptable documentation listed below).


(list of acceptable documentation listed below)

Identity Verification
State sponsored drivers license
National or State sponsored identity card
Firearms Certificate

The above documents need to show a clear picture
and signature.

Address Verification
Bank Account Statement (not credit card statement).
Utility Bills (Gas, Water, Power).
Statement from Tax Authorities

The above documents must show your residential address and not be more than 3 months old. We cannot accept credit card statements, mobile phone statements or statements printed from the internet.


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